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3rd Goal Talk at MVCC

I'm giving a talk at Mohawk Valley Community College tomorrow and I wanted to include resources in case people want to know more about Mali afterward!

Update:  Here's a more comprehensive list of links for further reading from UCBerkley!

First of all, questions about Peace Corps service, benefits, opportunities, and so on are answered at the Peace Corps official website, and there is also a wealth of information at the Peace Corps Wiki.

General information about Mali is compiled in the CIA World Factbook.  Information about travel to Mali is found on the Dept. of State website.  The World Bank has put together an amazing set of resources on their Data website.  You can even zoom in on the Climate Change rainfall map to Koutiala (the city I served near) to get location-specific information!

For information about the conflict ongoing in Mali, I trust fellow returned Peace Corps Volunteers Peter Tinti and Bruce Whitehouse.  Al Jazeera is also a dependable source.  Not all English-language reporting of Mali has been either coherent or factual, so look for reputable sources (e.g. people actually reporting from Mali, or people with solid backgrounds in what it is they are reporting on).  Here's a good place to start!

I believe that this links to my GooglePhotos or whatever it's called, and several albums of a technical nature are visible.  Here's a flickr set of photos from my last few months in Mali.  My partner also has a set from his 3-week visit to Mali.

This blog, itself, is also a sort of record of my experiences.  Feel free to ask any further questions in the comments.  Thanks for your interest!

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  1. Hi Pily,
    Found your blog trying to track down some recent Mali RPCVs. We are trying to relaunch Friends of Mali and I would love your help in attracting the latest RPCVs. Please "like" Friends of Mali on Facebook so we can grow the network and support new PCVs when Peace Corps re-opens.
    Kate Joyce (Segou / Sikasso 00-03)


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